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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a New Graduate Residency Program?

The New Graduate Residency Program at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and The Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is designed to support the new RN during the transition from student to licensed nurse. The six week program is a series of learning and work experiences with one day of classroom work each week as well as bedside orientation. The program will help to close the experience gap between nursing school and clinical practice at the point of care through mentorship and ongoing education.

What are the criteria for admission?

  • Graduation from an accredited BSN program. As we move toward magnet status, we can no longer accept Associate Nursing Degrees.
  • A submitted copy of a resume.
  • Willingness to commit to 18 months of employment at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center or The Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. All residents will be asked to sign a commitment statement upon acceptance into the program.
  • Admission also includes a completed on-line employment application and resume.
  • Upon hire, we will ask for four references and proof of Current BLS (CPR).
  • Successfully pass the NCLEX exam and licensed to practice in the State of Colorado (We can extend an offer to a candidate contingent upon passing the NCLEX).
  • Pre-employment health screen and criminal/employer background check (your offer will be contingent on passing these).

Will orientation occur on the unit I am hired onto or will it be more hospital-wide?

The residency program includes the traditional hospital orientation and department specific orientation, as well as the addition of role transition focus. Orientation will occur on the clinical area you are hired to work.

Will orientation last longer if I am in the nurse residency program?

The traditional orientation period is not changing substantially, either in terms of content or length.

Will I be able to choose the area that I will be working?

We hire for the job that is posted on our website. Appointment to one of those departments is dependent on successfully completing the application process, including interviews with department managers and staff and available vacancies within the preferred departments.

What if I do not like the area that I am working in to start the residency?

New grads must follow the same policy as any employee of the hospital: employees must be in their position for six months before seeking a transfer. The wait period to transfer to a sister facility is one year. Exceptions to this rule are if the employee is seeking a leadership-type promotion or is a PRN employee looking to move to full or part-time status.

What will my schedule be like during the residency?

Commitment to full-time employment during the residency is required, in order to provide the best chance of a successful transition into the practice role. During the orientation period to the assigned department, you will work the same schedule as your preceptor. Once orientation to the department is completed, you will move into the regularly scheduled pattern of shifts for your position. Time off to attend residency seminars and other residency commitments will be accommodated in your schedule.

Is it possible to take time off during the residency?

The regular paid leave and requests for time off policy applies during employment at P/SL and The RMHC.

What if I am unable to start at the beginning of the residency program?

Exceptions to the admission requirements or admission process must be reviewed and approved by the Associate CNO, Patient Care Services & CNO.

Is there an option to not be a part of the residency program and still work at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospital or The Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children as a new graduate?

New graduates hired at P/SL and The RMHC can only enter through participation in the residency program.

What will I be paid while working in the residency program and as a new nurse?

All hours worked during the residency program are paid at the current staff RN rate. There is no change in how the beginning salary for new graduates is determined. And, new graduates are eligible for any additional premium pay, i.e. off shift, extra shift, transfer, etc. There is no additional pay adjustment upon completion of the residency program.

Are there outside readings and homework related to being in the program?

Resources are provided to assist with the acquisition of additional knowledge in each of the seminar areas, but homework is not a component of the residency program. Any assignments as part of the residency program are expected to be completed on work time within normal hours of work.

What are my salary and benefits?

The salary and benefits of a nurse resident will be the same as any other new graduate nurse at P/SL and The RMHC and is competitive with other new graduate programs in the area.

Do you offer intern or externships for students?

We do not offer them at this time.

Do you offer a sign-on bonus or relocation package for new grads?

We do not offer a sign-on or relocation package for new grads.

When are jobs posted?

All new jobs are posted immediately. They are not posted on a specific day.

When is the deadline to apply for the New Grad Program?

There is not deadline to apply for the New Grad program.