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Cancer Treatment

Sarah Cannon at P/SL

Cancer Treatment at P/SL and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you can turn to the trusted adult and pediatric cancer specialists here in the heart of Denver, Colorado, at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center (P/SL) and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL.

We are a Community Hospital Cancer Program approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Advanced Cancer Treatment & Care for Cancer Patients

Top Cancer Treatment at P/SL in Denver

Have Cancer Questions?

A cancer diagnosis can be confusing, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Sarah Cannon, the global cancer institute of HCA, in partnership with Presbyterian/St. Luke's' at HealthONE is pleased to offer 24/7 access to askSARAH — a helpline answered by nurses designed to help answer your cancer questions. Call askSARAH to speak to a registered nurse at (303) 253-3225.

Sarah Cannon Research Institute is the research arm of Sarah Cannon. Focused on advancing therapies for patients, it is one of the world’s leading clinical research organizations conducting community-based clinical trials. Sarah Cannon has led approximately 200 first-in-man clinical trials since its inception in 1993, and has been a clinical trial leader in approximately 80 percent of approved cancer therapies in the last 10 years. To learn more about Sarah Cannon’s active clinical trials, including many in the greater Denver area, contact 1-877-691-7274.

Melanie Stachelsk

Melanie Stachelski suffered from a rare form of arthritis for nearly 10 years, which led to countless visits to the doctor to monitor her condition. During one of her regular appointments, her blood work indicated that her blood cell count was dramatically low. After growing frustration with her doctors, Melanie consulted a friend who worked at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute (CBCI). » Read more

Phil Lawson

The morning of September 30, 2014, was a typical day for Pam Lawson and her husband Phil. The couple set out on their daily walk around Cheesman Park. They always started together, but once Pam hit her stride she usually walked a little ahead of Phil. However, after glancing behind her, she noticed Phil was nowhere to be seen. » Read more