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Diabetes Services

Diabetes is not a disease that can be ignored without consequences. Choices must be made. Either you manage your diabetes or it eventually manages you. The diabetes specialists at the Diabetes Management Center are here to assist you in learning everything you can about diabetes, while continuing to enjoy an active and satisfying lifestyle.

Patient-centered Approach

We help facilitate a team approach of which the patient is the center, working with your primary care physician and other specialists as needed, by providing education on your treatment plans. We encourage patients to bring on support person to class. A family member or friend is a good option.

Diabetes Education helps patients by:

  • Encouraging independence through diabetes self-managment treatment.
  • Empowering patients to understand their diabetes diagnosis and take control of their diabetes.
  • Helping patients to track critical numbers, including blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1c.
  • Teaching the importance of eating a healthy diet, being active, taking medication as prescribed, controlling weight and checking blood sugar levels.

Persons with diabetes type 2 are at risk for serious health conditions. Managing diabetes means living a longer, healthier life and lowering your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, eye disease, kidney failure, gum disease, and other complications.

Appointments are available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m, with a one-hour lunch break. Individual sessions vary in length. One-on-one and Spanish sessions are available upon request.

**Most insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid, pay for part or all of these classes. Please verify your coverage with your insurance carrier.