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Emergency Room Denver

Your Neighbors. Your ER.

One Door, Two Emergency Rooms.

There's only one door, but it leads to two very unique emergency rooms. Adults needing emergency medical treatment go to P/SL's adult ER with services such as Cardiac and Stroke alert.

Parents with children needing emergency medical attention go to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL, kid-friendly ER.

    • Highest patient satisfaction scores
    • 24-Hour Adult & Pediatric Emergency Rooms
    • Board-certified ER physicians 24/7
    • Pediatric-trained ER physicians
    • 24/7 Cardiac Alert
    • 24/7 Stroke Alert
    • Orthopedic services including limb preservation, general surgery, medicine, gastroenterology, pulmonology, gynecology and otolaryngology
    • 24/7 Cath lab, CT, ultrasound and MRI Imaging and lab services
    • Rapid detection and treatment of sepsis
    • Advanced technology, including our 320-slice CT Scan

    We're located on 20th and High Street in Denver.