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Refresher Childbirth Classes

Prepared Childbirth Express

One 6-hour Session on Saturday or Sunday, $50

This course offers a condensed version of the information provided in the longer childbirth series. This six-hour class covers the basics of labor and delivery. Coping techniques are discussed, with limited hands-on practice time.

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Fast Track Weekend Childbirth Preparation

One 3-hour Session on Saturday plus One 7-hour Session on Sunday (10 hours total), $75

This course offers all of the information of a Traditional Childbirth Preparation Series in a convenient two-day weekend format.

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Infant Safety

One 3-hour Session on Saturday Morning, $55 (Includes CPR book)

This class will teach parents how to deal with emergencies that may arise in baby’s first year of life, as well as how to create a safe environment for infants in which to explore and thrive. In this class, parents will learn how to administer CPR to an infant, skills to assist a choking infant, basic car seat safety, baby-proofing and basic first-aid for infants.

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