Medical Staff Officers/Department Chairs

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL

Scott Bentz, M.D.

Medical Staff President

Scott Bentz, MD
P/SL Emergency Department
(720) 754-4070

Krista Culp. M.D.

Medical Staff President-Elect

Krista Culp, MD
CarePoint, PC
(303) 839-7211

Jeffrey Matous, M.D.

Cancer Care Services

Jeffrey Matous, MD, Chair
Colorado Blood Cancer Institute
(720) 754-4800

Omar Mubarak, M.D.

Cardiovascular Services

Omar Mubarak, MD, Chair
Vascular Institute of the Rockies
(303) 539-0736

Alan Como, M.D.

Emergency Services

Alan Como, MD, Chair
CarePoint, PC
(303) 436-2710

Marc Sarti, M.D.

Imaging Services

Marc Sarti, MD, Chair
Diversified Radiology of Colorado, PC
(303) 839-6520

Majd Kobitary, MD

Medicine Services (Adult)

Majd Kobitary, MD, Chair
Colorado Pulmonary Associates
(303) 863-0300

David Horst, M.D.

NICU Services

David Horst, MD, Chair
Pediatrix/Obstetrix Medical Group of CO
(303) 839-7440

Shalini Chahal, M.D.

Pathology Services

Shalini Chahal, MD, Chair
(303) 839-6851

Christine Darr, MD

Pediatric Services

Christine Darr, MD, Chair
CarePoint PC
(303) 436-2727

Anthony Canfield, MD

Perioperative Services

Anthony Canfield, MD, Co-Chair
Advanced Laparoscopic and General Surgery
(303) 301-9014

Jack Betts, MD

Perioperative Services

Jack Betts, MD, Co-Chair
Greater Colorado Anesthesia
(303) 377-6825

Victor Dabelea, M.D.

Women’s Services

Victor Dabelea, MD, Chair
Consultants in OB/GYN
(303) 322-2240