ft. Lela Mansoori, M.D., endocrinology, internatl medicine

Everyone gets tired, whether it’s from a tough workout or just running around doing errands. But if even a little exercise wipes you out every time, or you can’t mildly exert yourself for just a few minutes, you may have a debilitating condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. It causes severe fatigue that, by definition, lasts for more than six months.  Other symptoms may include pain, headaches, brain fog and sleep problems.

While you might have heard the term chronic fatigue syndrome, researchers now prefer to call it systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID). “That name was chosen to more accurately capture the symptoms of the disease,” explains endocrinologist and internist Lela Mansoori, MD.  “It’s not just fatigue, it’s the inability for people to exert themselves.”

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