HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL) has announced the addition of a liver transplant and comprehensive liver disease program to its medical center services effective today.

Since opening its Kidney Transplant Service nearly 30 years ago, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center has performed more than 1500 kidney transplants, benefiting countless lives across the Rocky Mountain Region. Our team of affiliated nephrologists, surgeons, physician’s assistants, nurses, social workers and financial counselors is now expanding to include specialists in liver transplant, hepatobiliary surgery and hepatology.

World-class liver disease specialists

The team of liver disease specialists includes physicians well-known in our region as well as internationally. They include:

  • Tom Heffron, M.D. - Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Mark Jones, M.D. - Living Donor Kidney Surgery
  • Massimo “Max” Asolati, M.D. - Transplant Surgery
  • Ben Vernon, M.D. - Transplant Surgery
  • Clark Kulig, M.D. - Hepatology
  • Bahir Bilir, M.D. - Hepatology
  • Sara Cheng, M.D. - Liver Anesthesia
  • Experienced interventional radiologists with special expertise in liver procedures

The transplant team will be led by nationally known surgeon, Tom Heffron, M.D., FACS. Dr. Heffron has been the primary surgeon on more than 1,000 liver transplants. He’s one of five active surgeons in the U.S. with this exceptional level of experience.

He was a member of the first transplant team to perform living donor liver surgery in 1989 at the University of Chicago and has also transplanted the youngest child in the world at 10 days old. His expertise extends into pediatrics with more than 400 pediatric transplants to date. He has a global reputation for expertise in living donors and is known throughout the international transplant community.

Our multidisciplinary team of transplant specialists also includes board certified transplant hepatologists Dr. Clark Kulig and Dr. Bahri Bilir. The team is rounded out with an interventional radiologist who has special expertise in liver procedures.

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children: "Go To" campus for liver transplants

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our transplant program giving us the opportunity to change the lives of many more patients waiting for a transplant,” said President and CEO, Maureen Tarrant. “This incredible team of physicians will bring a level of expertise unique to the area. With Dr. Heffron’s leadership and experience we will also expand the liver transplant program to our pediatric patients at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Dr. Heffron has performed more than 400 pediatric transplants, including the youngest child in the world at 10 days old. Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children will be the “go to” campus for life saving transplants for adults and children.”

Dr. Tom Heffron said, “Bringing this talented team together under one roof for both adult and pediatric transplants will be a huge benefit to the Rocky Mountain region. We are committed to providing the highest quality outcomes for our patients and we are proud to join the Presbyterian/St. Luke’s and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children team.”