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Meet Dr. Eric Liu

Sometimes symptoms like reoccurring stomach aches or breathing problems are not caused by usual ailments. In these situations, patients and their doctors are shooting in the dark and they unsuccessfully try treatment after treatment. Meanwhile, patients suffer for years.

Dr. Eric Liu, an internationally-recognized neuroendocrine tumor surgeon with the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers says these ongoing problems can be symptoms of abnormal growths known as neuroendocrine tumors, also called NETs.

“Neuroendocrine tumors are a rare cancer that is frequently misunderstood and misdiagnosed,” he says.

Liu came to Colorado to be part of the leadership team at the new Neuroendocrine Tumor Institute offered through the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers (RMCC) and Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (PSL).

In addition to his work at RMCC, Liu serves as the Chief Medical Advisor for The Healing NET Foundation, a nonprofit providing neuroendocrine cancer education. Previously, he established a neuroendocrine center at Vanderbilt University and also worked with neuroendocrine research pioneer Dr. Kjell Oberg in Sweden.

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