In July 2000, First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Paul Murphy was evacuated out of Bosnia and taken to the Walter Reed Medical Center to treat a blown out cervical disc at C5 and a bulging disc at C6. Fellow Army comrade, COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, performed a cervical fusion at C5-C7, removing the bad discs at 5 and 6. First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy returned to active duty for two additional years before retiring at Fort Carson.

In 2012, First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy started experiencing symptoms from a degeneration at C4 so he turned to Google to locate Army comrade and renowned spine surgeon, COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD. To his surprise, COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, was now retired and living in Colorado. First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy emailed his friend and former surgeon and was quickly seen for evaluation. It was determined that the disc at C4 was deteriorated and a disc replacement was the best option. The surgery was a glowing success.

In June 2015, First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy once again found himself sidelined with back pain. He sought out the care of COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, and a Laminotomy, Microdiscectomy and Foraminotomy at L4/L5 was performed. In December 2015, First Sergeant (Ret)-1SG Murphy and COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, united once again for a complete Laminotomy from L1-L5 and a Microdiscectomy at L1/L2. This surgery removed all impingement and First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy is now enjoy an active, pain-free life bowling twice a week, walking 40+ miles a month and engaging in most normal activities. “COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, is an excellent surgeon and I will continue to use him, as my first choice, should I need any spinal care in the future,” states First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy.

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