Dr. Warren Strutt, Colon & Rectal Surgeon

Denver, Colo. - March 19, 2018 – Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL), led by colorectal surgeon Dr. Warren Strutt, successfully completed the first transanal surgery in the Mountain West with the Flex® Robotic System and its new 3D high-definition camera. With this advanced robotic system, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s is the first hospital in the Mountain West to provide ScarfreeTM (no incision through the skin) robotic surgery and access to hard-to-reach anatomy within the rectum and colon.

“Presbyterian/St. Luke’s is proud to be the only hospital in the Mountain West to offer procedures with the new, flexible robotic-assisted surgical platforms,” said Anthony Canfield, MD, Medical Director of the Center for Robotic Surgery at P/SL.

“We are pleased to offer patients a less invasive procedure for faster recovery with minimized pain,” states Dr. Warren Strutt, colorectal surgeon at P/SL. “The flexible instrumentation and new 3D HD camera allow for unprecedented access and visualization of hard to reach anatomy including colon and rectal lesions. This allows for excision of large polyps and early cancers that often require far more invasive procedures such colon and rectal resections.”

“I am incredibly happy that I avoided a big surgery,” states William Peck, the first patient to undergo this procedure at P/SL with this robotic system in the Mountain West. “The surgery was short, recovery was quick and I am now pain-free. I am amazed to be heading home just two days post surgery!”

Tony Peck, son and caregiver to William Peck, states, “This new technology is amazing, not just for my father but also me, his caregiver. We came from Wyoming because Presbyterian/St. Luke’s has one of the largest robotic programs in the region with industry-leading experts.”

Fifteen years ago, P/SL was the first in the region to purchase a robot that replaced large-incision abdominal surgeries with a minimally invasive approach.

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