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We Want the Best and We Found It

We Want the Best and We Found It

Emma and Marla

Recently, my mother, Emma, had surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke's. She is an 88-year-old woman who is vital and precious and who has a very protective family who wants only the best for her. We found it.

She was seen at the Senior Clinic at CU. The physician there advised us not to allow her to return home without having her gallbladder removed. He was concerned that the medical treatment available to her there would not be able to address her heart issues and that surgery without an experienced cardiac team nearby would be dangerous.

We began to search for a surgeon and a hospital and found that we would probably have to wait several weeks for a consultation. I called my father's doctor for advice, and the next day, Dr. William Haun's office at Presbyterian/St. Luke's called, set up a consultation for that afternoon, and my mother was in surgery by the weekend.

They quickly and efficiently planned her care. They discussed her risks, obtained records from her primary care physician and went at it with such confidence that my very frightened mother (and her family) was calmed. They did not blow her off. They spoke to her and not solely to me as so many people do now that she is up in age. They listened, they did not rush her, they did not dismiss any of her concerns and they did not try to delay her surgery for their convenience. They were never impatient with her, which I often see because she is hard of hearing and sometimes answers questions incorrectly. They seemed to know this and would ask their questions again to make certain she understood. I cannot tell you how much their respectful treatment meant to my mother and father. Elderly people are often so marginalized and these doctors and your staff made them feel like the wise, capable people that they are.

Her recovery has been remarkable. She had undergone two surgeries in previous years and her reaction to the anesthetic was very difficult for her so we were all very worried about this aspect of her surgery. She had none of that at Presbyterian/St. Luke's. She awoke as though she had taken a nap.

Dr. Haun kept her one day in the hospital and then sent her home. He visited her at least twice during her short stay. The nurses were fantastic. They answered questions, cared for her, politely moved her doting family aside and even took time to help her with problems she had been having with her oxygen tank at my home.

She is now at home and we are amazed. You may think that these services are standard and not surprising--that talking to a patient and her family with respect and answering their questions without fear or judgment in not extraordinary, but it is night and day compared to her previous care at other hospitals. The care, attention, and respectfulness of your staff are what has made the difference between a fearful experience and a confident recovery.

Thank you so much.


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