Podiatry Residency Program

This is an exciting and integral time as you launch into the next phase of your podiatric career. We know that to become an adept and superlative podiatrist, your residency program must provide you with a wide array of experiences, expert resources and a personalized investment in you. Our program is designed to produce podiatric surgical specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills to be experts in the recognition and management of all foot and ankle conditions.

P/SL has a serious commitment to the individual development of each resident. Our team includes thirty-six active attending physicians who believe you need an ideal environment in which to learn. This means learning to critically think problems through and manage clinical situations in a supportive environment, with peers and colleagues who embrace inquiry and encourage the teamwork of surgical care.

Our goal is to provide you with the depth and breadth of experience and the individual support you need, to become a podiatric paragon. We welcome you and are delighted to discuss your career interests and share more about our program! 

Best regards,

Program Director

For additional information, please contact Gina Jecminek, Program Administrator, at 303-869-2278 or Gina.Jecminek@HealthONECares.com