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Eric H Liu, MD

Eric H Liu, MD

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My focus is to always treat the patient – not just the disease. I’ve told people many times that I value quality of life as highly as the quantity of life. Therefore, I use every resource at my disposal to address the problems. When treating neuroendocrine cancer, it is absolutely imperative to approach it with a multi-disciplinary approach because it crosses into so many different medical subspecialties. When we are successful, these people can live good, healthy lives. I find that giving the patient time and respect are critical to developing a sense of trust, because it is a team effort with the patient in the center. Our goal at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center is to build a home for neuroendocrine patients, where they can feel comfortable that everyone has experience in this rare disease and all their questions can be answered. By having the most advanced expertise, imaging techniques, clinical trials, and treatments available all in one center, we can provide patients with the best hope for a healthy life.

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