A Brief History of The Institute for Limb Preservation 

The Institute for Limb Preservation, formerly known as the Denver Clinic, was established at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center by Drs. Ross Wilkins and Thomas Arganese in 1986. Prior to its existence, patients were forced to visit a variety of physicians and facilities to receive necessary treatments. Under Drs. Wilkins and Arganese’s innovative orthopedic model, plastic surgery, oncology, radiology and the treatment of infectious diseases could be conveniently found under one roof. Thanks to this model, which serves as a prototype for many programs throughout the world, patients facing life- and limb-threatening cancers and diseases now have a 90 percent survival rate and a 95 percent limb preservation rate.

After the passing of Dr. Arganese, Dr. Wilkins partnered with world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. William Brown to continue to build their team of expert physicians. The Institute for Limb Preservation has continued to thrive and has saved the lives and limbs of countless people over the past 30 years, establishing itself as the region’s premier medical facility to evaluate and treat diseases, trauma and other conditions that affect extremities.

A Bright Future

In June 2016, the roles of Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director were passed to Drs. David Schnur and David Hahn, respectively. Dr. Schnur, recently featured in 5280 Magazine as a “Top Doc,” specializes in innovative plastic surgery techniques, including hand and reconstructive surgery. Dr. David Hahn's specialty is correcting lower limb deformities caused by malunion, osteomyelitis and congenital anomalies. He is a frequent presenter and lecturer on myriad lower limb problems and correction techniques, including the Ilizarov Method, bone healing, and amputation. A decorated Army veteran, Dr. Hahn has been with the Institute for Limb Preservation since 1995.

We welcome Drs. Schnur and Hahn to their leadership roles at The Institute for Limb Preservation, and look forward to the next 30 years and beyond of exceling in the treatment of diseases and trauma that affect extremities.