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About the Amputation Program

Options for Amputees at The Denver Clinic

Our program is unique in that we have a team of surgical specialists as well as rehab medicine specialists who will work together to determine the best approach to caring for a patient. The appropriate team members will see a patient, then the case will be discussed among the clinicians in order to come up with the best treatment plan for the patient's problems.

For the amputee we offer:

  • Surgical Options for Amputee Reconstruction to Address all Levels of Amputation
  • Reconstruction of Problematic Amputations
  • Removal of Excess Tissue
  • Lenthening for Short Residual Limbs
  • Treatment of Wound Problems
  • Evaluation of Poor Prosthetic Fit
  • Ertl-Type Amputations
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program
  • Latest Technology Prosthetics

For the individual considering amputation because of a difficult extremity problem we provide consultation with orthopedic and plastic surgeons with expertise in upper and lower extremity amputation. In addition, our rehabilitation physicians meet with the patient to discuss rehab requirements and expectations for function following an amputation at any level.

For more information about consultation please contact us at 1-800-262-5462 or submit your question by email.