Many patients with persistent limb problems can experience pain and discomfort that interferes with everyday activities. If a patient chooses amputation to address a persistent limb problem, our team of specialists guides the patient through the procedure, recovery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, prosthetic fitting and psychological concerns of amputation. We are an amputation Center of Excellence with advanced expertise in amputation treatment and leading technology for prosthetic devices.

We perform amputation procedures for all extremities, including:

  • Above the elbow amputation
  • Above the knee amputation
  • Below the elbow amputation (wrist and forearm)
  • Below the knee amputation
  • Digital amputation (fingers and toes)
  • Foot amputation
  • Forequarter amputation (amputation at the shoulder)
  • Hand amputation

For amputation patients at the Institute for Limb Preservation, our interdisciplinary team of experts works tirelessly to ensure a return to an active lifestyle and good quality of life. Our team meets regularly for amputation patient conferences to review treatment plans and provide each patient with the best possible amputation care.

Additional components of our amputation program include:

  • Ertl-Type amputations
  • Transition of traditional to Ertl-Type amputations
  • Latest technology prosthetics
  • Osseous integration technology
  • Prosthetics & orthotics
  • Support groups for patients considering amputation
  • Targeted muscle reinnervation
  • Amputee Support Group

We are also participating in clinical research in osseous integration of the prosthetic device into the residual limb using porous metal technologies developed by physicians of the Institute for Limb Preservation.