Amputation Rehabilitation, Institute for Limb Preservation

Amputation RehabiiltationRehabilitation after amputation or amputation revision is a key factor in a person's functional level following surgery. The surgeons and rehabilitation specialists work closely to assure a patient has access to rehab professionals after surgery.

In our program the team meets on a weekly basis to review and update members on the amputees are currently being treated. This weekly discussion enhances team communication and problem solving. These discussions move the rehabilitation process along in a more efficient manner for improved service delivery.

Each phase of our rehabilitation program involves teaching the amputee about the options they have regarding prosthetics and how their choices will impact their future activity. We believe that amputee empowerment results from an excellent program of education so that the amputee can make decisions for their future function and life.

The entire team meets with the amputee and their family at the beginning for treatment planning and then on a monthly basis to develop goals that help to monitor progress throughout the entire period of planned treatment. These monthly meetings provide an excellent opportunity for the amputee to provide regular input into their treatment plan and to better understand the expected outcomes for function and community integration.