Cancer Care for Women

Mammograms in Denver

Our breast experts at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center recommend that an annual mammogram screening for women ages 40-74 should be a routine care consideration. Patients who are considered high-risk should consult their physician on when to begin screening.

Breast cancer patients whose cancer is detected during routine screening exams are more likely to have smaller tumors that have not spread to other parts of the body, as well as have higher success rates of treatment.

Through Presbyterian/St. Luke’s partnership with Invision Sally Jobe Imaging Center, we provide same-day scheduling of mammograms and walk-in screenings.

At Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, we also offer breast ultrasounds, breast MRIs, breast biopsies, stereotactic (X-ray guided) breast biopsies, ultrasound-guided breast biopsies, mastectomies and breast reconstruction surgeries.

To schedule a mammogram, please call (720) 493-3700.

Multi-disciplinary breast cancer expert review

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s provides breast cancer patients with a group of multi-disciplinary expert physicians who review each patient’s case to collaboratively develop a comprehensive care plan specific to each patient.

Physicians discuss individual patient cases review patient data and results, and recommend treatment therapies specific to each patient.

Members of Presbyterian/St. Luke’s breast multi-disciplinary care team include:

  • Radiologist: physician who oversees imaging tests and specializes in breast imaging techniques
  • Medical oncologist: physician who works with you to explain the clinical options available and will determine if chemotherapy is needed
  • Digital mammography technician
  • Breast ultrasound technician
  • Surgical oncologist: surgical specialist who evaluates your breast cancer diagnosis and determines whether surgery is feasible or necessary
  • Oncology nurse navigator: oncology-certified nurse who specializes in breast cancer and acts as your first point of contact to guide you through the entirety of your cancer journey

Breast cancer health services offered