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Breast Reconstruction Options

At our Breast Care Center, reconstruction surgery is not an afterthought to treatment, it’s an integral part of cancer care. That’s why our plastic and reconstructive surgeons work alongside oncologists, general surgeons and your entire multi-disciplinary team.

“Reconstruction should be considered as part of the total treatment process,” notes Plastic Surgery Clinic’s Dr. William Brown, who works with our Breast Center. "Exploring your options in an empowering way to move forward."

Surveys indicate that less than a quarter of women know about the many options available or the quality of outcomes they can expect from reconstruction. Even fewer understand that treatment and reconstruction timing may impact their options and results.

“Patients should ask lots of questions to determine what options are going to work best for them. Depending on where they get their care, they may be told there are only one or two types of reconstructive surgery, which isn’t true,” Dr. Brown added.

He and the other plastic surgeons who work with the Breast Center offer techniques that can be matched to your individual needs and wants and your particular body type and treatment regimen.

According to Dr. Brown, some of the possibilities available include a direct implant using saline or gel implants, tissue expansion followed by implants, and various procedures that utilize areas such as tummy fat, inner-thigh or outer-thigh fat to make a new breast mound. Many of these procedures require expertise in microsurgery to reattach the living tissues’ blood vessels. Some techniques involve moving tissue while leaving its blood supply intact. Meeting with your plastic surgeon prior to mastectomy surgery allows you to have a full discussion about all of your choices.