One 3-Hour Session

If you are delivering at P/SL please call 1-877-752-2737 to register for the class.

Fee: FREE! To all women delivering at P/SL (Non-P/SL Community: $40 for two people)

This class will provide information that will create a strong foundation for successful breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Basics is designed to offer a comfortable setting to learn about breastfeeding for both the breastfeeding woman and her partner. Participants will have a good understanding of milk production and general anatomy, positioning and latch, as well as collection and proper storage of breast milk. Identifying common challenges and establishing a good milk supply will also be addressed. A list of community resources will be available to support you upon your return home.

This class is best taken between 30 – 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Families that register for this class typically register for Baby 101: Understanding Your Newborn, Childbirth Preparation, and Infant Safety.

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Contact Kirsten Dehmlow, P/SL Parent Education Coordinator by phone at 303-839-7339

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