One 3-Hour Session

If you are delivering at P/SL please call 1-877-752-2737 to register for the class.

Fee: FREE! To all women delivering at P/SL (Non-P/SL Community: $40 for two people)

Similar to Breastfeeding Basics, this class offers all of the general information and education you will need for successful breastfeeding. In addition to anatomy, milk production, positioning, latch, and storage, we will also cover specific information for breastfeeding more than one baby at a time. Topics will include making enough milk, pre-term babies or other health concerns, pumping, time management, finding the appropriate community resources and so much more.

This class is best taken between 24 – 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Families that register for this class typically register for Childbirth Preparation and Multiple Preparation.

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Contact Kirsten Dehmlow, P/SL Parent Education Coordinator by phone at 303-839-7339.

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