Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HealthONE

1800 Williams Street | Suite 300 | Denver, CO | 80218

Phone: 720-754-2610

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center is home to the Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HealthONE (SCRI at HealthONE). This research center offers phase 1 clinical trials, including promising new treatments for patients with advanced cancer. SCRI at HealthONE is located at 1800 Williams Street and houses a clinic, investigational pharmacy, lab space, and infusion center.

SCRI at HealthONE is led by Gerald Falchook, MD, came from Houston’s M.D. Anderson CancerGerald Falchook. M.D. Center. As a faculty member, he developed investigator-initiated clinical trials and collaborated with pharma/biotech industry partners to find promising new cancer treatments. Dr. Falchook and his staff are developing targeted cancer therapies that are in the early stages of development but show lots of promise – ones with fewer side effects and often pretty dramatic responses,” Falchook said. The clinic currently has approximately 20 open trials, treating a wide spectrum of cancers.

“Patients eligible for these clinical trials have advanced incurable cancers with tumors that are still growing, but these are patients who are feeling well and looking for additional treatment options,” Falchook explained. The program is a referral center for patients throughout Colorado and surrounding areas. SCRI chose Denver because it is a large metropolitan area with no other large clinical trial facilities, because of Presbyterian/St. Luke’s HCA affiliation, and our existing complex cancer care program. Other SCRI drug development units are currently in Nashville, Sarasota, Oklahoma City, and London.

Dr. Falchook has worked on more than 160 clinical studies, including first-in-human trials that later resulted in FDA approvals. “In one trial, I had a 23-year-old patient with metastatic melanoma whose tumors disappeared within two months. That was in 2009, and she is still in remission, living a full life with almost no side effects,” he said. His goal here is to continue finding additional, equally successful treatments. “Our priority is compassionate, patient-centered trials. We’re looking for promising therapies, but in a patient-friendly way,” Falchook said.

“SCRI at HealthONE will take our cancer programs to the next level,” said CEO Maureen Tarrant. “It provides patients with access to novel therapies not available in this region previously.”

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