baby boy smilingFour 3-Hour Sessions

Fee: $80 registration fee pays for two people to attend.

During the last couple of months of pregnancy, this four week series is intended to provide education on expectations of the final few weeks of pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery and the initial postpartum time. Discussion will include anatomy, helpful terminology, stages of labor, comfort strategies, options in labor and potential medical procedures. There will be hands on time for relaxation techniques, massage and various coping skills to be used for the expectant mother and her partner.

A maternity tour is included in this class.

This class is best taken between 28 – 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Families that register for this class typically register for Baby 101: Understanding Your Newborn, Breastfeeding Basics, and Infant Safety.


Call 1-877-752-2737 to register by phone or

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Contact Kirsten Dehmlow, P/SL Parent Education Coordinator by phone at 303-839-7339.

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