At Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, we are dedicated to the safety and well being of your family while you're here, as well as when you leave. Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians offer FREE community Car Seat Checks. We will assist and teach you how to properly secure and install your child restraint system, identify any potential recalls and provide best practice information for you to make the best choices for travel with your family.

Denver Car Seat Check

Car Seat Checks are offered one Saturday and one Sunday a month and every Monday from 12-2. The Car Seat Checks are free. To schedule an appointment please call 303-839-7338. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate drop-ins.

This Fit Station is best scheduled before 36 weeks of pregnancy, but may be appropriate at any time you will be travelling with children. Families that register for this typically register for Infant Safety as well.

Did you know...

  • 98% of car seats are installed incorrectly?
  • Car crashes are the #1 source of preventable death and injury to children.
  • Are you doing it right?
  • How safe is your child?

Make an appointment with one of Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)-certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians to make sure your baby's car seat is installed properly.

What Our NHTSA-Certified Technicians Will Review With You

  • Best practice recommendations
  • Booster seat protocols
  • Existing child passenger safety laws
  • How to use your car seat and vehicle safety systems
  • Safe seating positions for all family members
  • Recalls on a vehicle or car seat and remedies for recalls and show you how to safely transport a child of any age

Additional Information for Expectant Parents

If you are an expectant parent, one of our CPS Technicians can assist you with the selection of your new baby's car seat and the safety of other items that go with your safety seat or vehicle.

It is recommended that parents try their car seat in their vehicle and get their seat checked at least three weeks prior to the due date of their baby.

Not every car seat fits properly in every vehicle so make sure to save your receipt, box, tags and packing material until you have your car seat checked.