Conditions We Treat

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to patient care. Medical professionals from our programs work together in interdisciplinary teams to provide patients with a full spectrum of expert care from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

The Institute for Limb Preservation brings together experts in many areas including adult & pediatric oncology, amputation rehabilitation, infectious diseases, microvascular plastic surgery, neuromodulation for pain management, orthopedic oncology, orthopedic surgery, and pathology.

Comprehensive Treatment Program

The Institute for Limb Preservation brings together these important components for better outcomes:

  • Our medical professionals have expertise in all aspects of limb and extremity care.
  • We offer the latest treatments with proven success based on continuing ILP clinical research, including outcome studies, publications and worldwide medical conferences.
  • Teams hold weekly interdisciplinary patient conferences in which they meet to get opinions from other experts and share those suggestions with the patient.
  • We provide social work services to assist with financial counseling and psychosocial concerns.