Expanding Possibilities with the Hybrid Operating Room at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL) is constantly improving our facilities and capabilities not only to benefit the patients who rely on us for their care, but also to benefit physicians and surgeons who operate at P/SL.

We’re thrilled to announce that in October 2016, we opened the largest hybrid operating room (OR) in the state, and the only hybrid OR with the ability to accommodate both adult and pediatric patients.

Equipped with the most advanced technology available, our hybrid OR capabilities reduce patient visits, admission time and infection risk, allowing physicians and surgical teams to work simultaneously to provide their patients with top notch care.

Our Hybrid OR Capabilities  

The hybrid OR at P/SL possesses all amenities available in typical ORs, in addition to a full endovascular suite. This allows us to combine open procedures and endovascular capabilities together to offer patients a full range of services in one room.

Our x-ray system is the latest on the market, and provides full fluoro, cine and DSA capabilities as well as 3D CTA and advanced measurement software. For procedures that require fluoro imaging, our hybrid OR has technology to capture exceptional imaging with less radiation exposure to our patients than conventional methods.

We also have AV integration technology incorporated throughout the OR that features a built-in video camera in the surgical light boom. This allows us to live stream any procedure to any location in the country to be used for consultation or educational purposes.

Unmatched Flexibility and Collaboration

Surgical teams perform best when they have every resource available to them to treat their patients. The hybrid OR at P/SL has all the necessary tools and technologies to personalize every procedure for our patients and surgeons.

The hybrid OR at P/SL allows multiple teams with separate specialties to work together, performing multiple procedures at one time with the support of the most advanced technology available.

Complex procedures that once required multiple disciplines operating independently of each other, costing patients money and recovery time, can now be done simultaneously and more effectively. We’re Denver’s premier destination for hybrid OR procedures because we approach each case with the philosophy that if you can dream it, we can do it.

For more information on the hybrid operating room at P/SL, or to learn how your patients might benefit from a hybrid OR procedure, please contact Kami Dinkel, our Director of Cardiac, Vascular & Outpatient Services, today at 720-754-4467.