At Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, the safety and security of our patients is a top priority. Our pregnancy and childbirth program takes several steps to keep mom and baby safe.

Unique ID Badges

All family members and other visitors in our infant and child areas must check in at the nurse's station and wear a visitor I.D. badge/sticker. Please wear the visitor badge/sticker at all times as this helps the care team, security, and family members know who is visiting.

Hospital employees will identify themselves verbally and must wear an official hospital photo ID badge at all times. All nurses who care for infants and children have unique scrubs specific to their area.

Security Bands

After delivery, a security band will be placed on your infant's ankle. Your nurse will remove it just before you are discharged from the facility. 

Additionally, when a staff member brings your baby to you, your baby's band will be matched to your band. Your birth partner will also be given an ID band. Please do not remove the wrist bands until you get home, as only the two of you will be allowed to come to the nursery to get your baby.