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Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center

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Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children at P/SL

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Kidney Transplant Center of Excellence

Optum Center of Excellence

P/SL Kidney Transplant Center is recognized by the Clinical Sciences Institute (CSI) as a member of the Centers of Excellence network.  

What is an Optum Center of Excellence?

The Centers of Excellence network is comprised of medical programs that have met or exceeded exacting clinical and program criteria in areas of complex medical care. The goal of the network is to provide customers value by identifying hospitals and physicians that meet or exceed rigorous performance standards. This information enables consumers and payers to make informed choices and become more engaged in health care decisions. 

Patients with complex, unusual or rare medical conditions have a likelihood of better outcomes when they are diagnosed and treated by medical professionals with the greatest experience and statistically validated clinical expertise.

Since 1986, Optum has been identifying complex medical conditions for which there is a quantifiable variance among treatment providers. The company’s solutions and services are developed to support safe, successful and cost-effective management of patients with these conditions.

Only those programs that meet strict Optum clinical criteria, as determined through the initial and annual evaluation process, are considered for inclusion in its Centers of Excellence networks.

How are hospitals selected to the Centers of Excellence network?

The Centers of Excellence network is developed in conjunction with the Clinical Sciences Institute. The Clinical Sciences Institute is comprised of more than 170 employed and empanelled clinical experts who assist Optum in a variety of capacities, including the development of criteria to quantify excellence and stratify providers of complex medical care.

Evaluation criteria are reviewed and revised on a regular basis in order to incorporate current quality parameters and benchmarks as they relate to the applicable field of medicine. These criteria assess a program’s:

– Procedural volume and associated outcomes.

– Team changes, stability of the team and the ability of the back-up team to manage the program.

– Projected trends and technological advances in the specific field of medical science.

– Overall commitment to its field through the synergy of multiple, related programs within the medical center.

Optum requires that all participating programs in our Centers of Excellence networks complete the evaluation process on an annual basis. A change in network status may occur as a result of the quality review process of the annual survey. This process helps ensure that clients have access to only those programs that demonstrate continued clinical excellence in their field.

Optum is trusted by 80 of the top Fortune 100, 2,000 payers and intermediaries and nearly 60 million individuals rely on us to help them manage their health care needs.

Account managers or case managers use the data collected through the Optum evaluation process to help payer case managers and patients make informed health care decisions.

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