At The Institute for Limb Preservation, our team of specialists treats conditions and diseases that lead to an increased risk of extremity loss. As a part of this treatment, our physicians have developed a unique method of osseous integration, a surgical procedure for amputees. 

Osseous integration refers to a direct structural and functional connection between living bone and a prosthetic device. Osseous integration provides an alternative treatment for patients having difficulties with a traditional, socket-type above-the-knee prosthesis.

Improving Quality of Life with Prostheses

For some patients with above-the-knee amputations, the use of a traditional socket to connect their prosthetic device may present difficulties. Complications with the fit, skin problems, placement, weight fluctuations and lack of adhesion of the socket can cause pain in the residual limb, skin irritation and limited mobility. Osseous integration eliminates the need for a traditional socket-type prosthesis by surgically implanting a rod in the femur that can connect to any prosthesis through an external connection.

osseous integration above-the-knee amputation

This promotes a more normal gait pattern with little to no pain, more independence in daily living, more natural physical activity and a higher quality of life.

While the osseous integration procedure has been available for several years, our physicians at The Denver Clinic have developed a unique method of osseous integration that offers additional benefits for patients.

Traditionally, the rod surgically implanted in the femur is solid metal, which provides adequate support, but can allow infections to reach the bone from outside the body through the surface of the rod.

Led by Dr. Ronald Hugate, The Institute for Limb Preservation has developed a rod with a porous metal collar for use with osseous integration.

After the surgery is performed, the patient’s living skin and tissue grow into collar on the porous metal rod, sealing the operation site and reducing the risk of infection.

A Unique Approach to Osseous Integration

The Institute for Limb Preservation's revolutionary new method for osseous integration means patients receive all the benefits of a prosthesis connected directly to the bone, but with a lower risk of infection.

Dr. Hugate performed the first two osseous integration implant surgeries ever performed with a porous metal collar in February 2017 at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL) in Denver, Colorado.  Dr. Hugate had used this technique previously in the treatment of dogs who had lost their legs to trauma.

One of the patient’s above-the-knee amputation was the result of an injury sustained during active duty in the U.S. military while in Iraq, while the other was the result of a civilian motor vehicle accident. Both patients were having trouble adjusting to traditional socket-type above-the-knee prostheses. With the unique osseous integration procedure developed by The Denver Clinic, these patients have another opportunity for a more normal life filled with activity.

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For more information about osseous integration at The Institute for Limb Preservation, or to find out if you are a candidate for this revolutionary procedure, please call 1-800-262-5462.