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P/SL Volunteers: Larry

Welcome Desk Volunteer Thrives on Being at P/SL’s "Main Intersection"

When Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center volunteer Larry Eiseman talks about what he does during his weekly shift at the hospital's Welcome Desk he uses words you might not expect…words like  "extremely exciting" and "challenging." It's clear that Eiseman finds his volunteer work very satisfying and enjoyable.

He's a great ambassador because he believes in the personal touch. "I don’t know if there's any place I'd rather be than the Welcome Desk," Eiseman says. "You really feel like you're doing something worthwhile when you can be here and help people sort through what they need and get them where they need to be."

The Arvada resident and retired insurance executive began volunteering at P/SL about a year-and-a-half ago. He signed up with his daughter, who was considering a career in nursing and wanted to know more about hospitals. She's now in nursing school and Eiseman continues to volunteer.

"The Welcome Desk is like the main intersection," he says. People come in needing information and directions. "Every shift is something different. You have to have a smile and an attitude of welcome and comfort. You can tell that people do respond to it."

Eiseman sports some pretty fancy athletic shoes because he estimates he logs several miles per shift. "People want to know the location of a doctor's office or of a particular patient's room. I am a little different because I don't just give directions. I try to escort them because hospitals can be a little confusing. I know it's appreciated because of the thanks I get."

His travels frequently take him from the Welcome Desk near the front entrance to the Emergency Department on the other side of the complex. "People come in and they're in distress, so I get them into a wheelchair and take them back to the Emergency Department and stay until they're checked in." Expectant mothers get the same treatment with a wheelchair ride to Labor and Delivery. "I give them a ride so they can relax."

Eiseman's face lights up when he talks about his volunteer work at Presbyterian/St. Luke's. He enjoys the variety of his job and finds helping people deeply satisfying.  "Each four-hour shift I do just flies by."

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