The Latest Technology In Robotic Surgery

The latest technology in robotic surgery. Robotic surgery using Single-Site® instrumentation offers the possibility of a single-incision surgery for select patients needing a hysterectomy or cholecystectomy. Patients who receive Single-Site® Robotic Surgery experience virtually scarless results. That’s because the surgeon operates through only one small incision in the navel (belly button). After a fast recovery, the scar is almost impossible to see.

Surgeons at the Center for Robotic Surgery at P/SL are among only a few in the state performing single incision surgery. Our surgeons proctor physicians from all over the Rocky Mountain region on performing this procedure.

Benefits of Single Site Robotic Surgery

  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal pain
  • Low blood loss
  • Fast recovery
  • Short hospital stay
  • High patient satisfaction