Blood cancer team in Denver

The blood cancer care team at Colorado Blood Cancer Institute (CBCI), a part of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, is committed to providing the best treatment to patients facing blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.  Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to bringing you the latest techniques and technologies to ensure you get the care that you need.

Blood cancer care at our facility includes:

  • Treatment for various types of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma through a tailored treatment plan
  • Blood and marrow or stem cell transplants
  • Services for the donor during transplants
  • Clinical trial access
  • Financial assistance
  • Healing arts program
  • Nutritional support
  • Psychosocial oncology
  • Concierge services

Colorado Blood Cancer Institute

CBCI is the largest full-service blood and marrow or stem cell transplant program in Colorado. CBCI provides comprehensive blood cancer care and is among the top programs in the United States.

Our blood cancer multidisciplinary care team includes:

  • Hematologists
  • Advanced practice practitioners
  • Oncology nurse navigators
  • Transplant nurse coordinators
  • Transplant nurses
  • Transplant psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Dietitians
  • Financial coordinators

Blood cancer symptoms

Common symptoms before diagnosis may include easy bruising, excessive bleeding, fever or fatigue, among others. Laboratory testing, bone marrow biopsies and radiological exams are common for all types of blood cancers to confirm the diagnosis.

If you have been diagnosed with blood cancer, you should feel assured our blood cancer care team at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s will take good care of you and your family.

Blood cancer treatment and diagnosis

The type of blood cancer treatment you receive depends on the type of cancer you have, your overall health and other factors. Whenever you experience new symptoms, be sure to let your doctor and team know.

Common treatments for blood cancers include:

  • Watchful waiting
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Blood transfusion
  • Clinical trials

As a reminder, your treatment and diagnosis will differ according to the specific type of blood cancer. Talk with your oncologist and care team throughout your care.

Blood and marrow transplants

A provider and nurse coordinator will meet with you when you are referred to our center for a blood and marrow or stem cell transplant. Your nurse coordinator will help you organize for each step you need to take to get a transplant. If an allogeneic transplant is required, additional testing will be performed to assist in locating a donor.

About Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center is part of Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare. Our family of hospitals provides comprehensive cancer services with convenient access to cutting-edge therapies for people facing cancer in our communities. From diagnosis, to treatment and survivorship care, our oncology expertise ensures you have access to locally-trusted care with the support of a globally-recognized network.

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