Hand injury treatment in Denver

Our hands are so important to how we interact in the world. From getting dressed in the morning to driving to work and typing on our phones – injuries to our hands or fingers impacts the ease with which we are able to perform everyday movements and activities.

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Injuries and conditions treated

The hand is a very complex structure, allowing us to execute very fine movements and feel a variety of sensations at any given moment. Our hand surgeons and certified hand therapists at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s understand this complexity and have received additional training in hand surgery or hand rehabilitation to provide the best care and treatment for your injury. Common treatments and services include:

  • Hand, wrist and forearm fracture repair
  • Nerve, tendon and ligament injury repair
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Ulnar nerve decompression
  • Skin and nerve grafting for a hand injury
  • Re-implantation following a traumatic upper extremity amputation
  • Treatment of repetitive strain injuries