Advanced maternal age care in Denver, CO

More and more women are choosing to delay starting a family — or adding to their family — until later in life. When the time is right for you, our OBGYN physicians and staff at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center (P/SL) can provide the expert care and support you need through every step of your journey.

Pregnancy after 35

While expectant mothers 35 or older are considered advanced maternal age (AMA), a healthy, happy pregnancy is possible for most with the proper preparation and prenatal care we provide at P/SL.

Preconception: Preparing ahead of time

With the increased risk for pregnancy complications with AMA, taking steps to prepare ahead of time is an important part of your pregnancy journey. One strategy for reducing many risks associated with AMA is through a preconception visit, where we can diagnose and begin treating any preexisting conditions that could affect your future pregnancy.

Additionally, your physician will assess your individual risk (including current conditions and medications) and make recommendations for any lifestyle changes, treatment options or specific prenatal care strategies that will promote a healthy pregnancy.

Help getting pregnant

If you've been unsuccessful in trying to conceive, you might have concerns about infertility. There are several factors that can affect fertility, including age. But sometimes there's no fertility issue at all, and conceiving just takes time. With a basic infertility evaluation, our team at P/SL can help you determine if infertility is preventing you from conceiving and identify which steps and/or treatment options will best increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Expert care for a healthy pregnancy

From preconception to labor, delivery and beyond, we're committed to providing the best possible care throughout your pregnancy. To learn more about all of our pregnancy and birth services at P/SL, visit our pregnancy and childbirth services.

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