Knee arthroplasty services in Denver, CO

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center offers knee replacement surgery to patients at our full-service hospital. We offer innovative and comprehensive care that you need most during your joint replacement.

In a healthy knee, your bones are covered with smooth cartilage that cushions the bone’s movement. If you have arthritis, the cartilage has worn down, and the bones rub against each of them. This results in muscle weakness, limited range of motion and pain.

When do I need a knee replacement?

If you experience the following symptoms, talk with your doctor about a knee replacement:

  • Your knee pain keeps you from getting a night’s sleep
  • Your knee has persistent swelling and inflammation, despite taking medications
  • Your leg bows in or out

Before you undergo joint replacement surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke's, you are encouraged to attend a joint replacement surgery class that helps you learn more about your knee replacement procedure and what to expect after the surgery and during the recovery period.

Total knee replacement surgery

In a total knee replacement, the injured or diseased joint is replaced with an artificial knee joint. The artificial knee is created from a combination of plastic, metal or ceramic.

The implant is placed in your knee to have your own bone adhere to it. This allows you to regain mobility of your knee. Based on your age, medical history and the condition of your knee and ligaments, your surgeon will determine if a total knee replacement is right for you. You will also need physical therapy to help you recover, build strength and return to a normal range of motion.