Andrea Rau

ob , psl


Andrea Rau chose to deliver her baby girl at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL) for a multitude of reasons and she could not be happier with the outcome. Working with Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim, a physician with Consultants in OB/GYN at P/SL, complications with her child were identified at an early stage and closely monitored by high-risk obstetricians.

Since Andrea is in the Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) bracket (Age 35+), it was important for her to select a facility that could not only handle her needs but also the needs of her baby, if needed. Housed under the same roof, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, a Level 4 NICU (the highest level for the most acute care), provided Andrea and her baby with immediate access to top subspecialists and neonatologists.

During her entire experience, Andrea felt comfortable and well supported by the team and she would highly recommend this experience to other expecting mothers.