Anna Sniezek

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At just 12 years of age, Anna Sniezek was constantly being told to stop slouching and to stand up straight. She had no idea she was slouching and realized she was unable to stand up straight. At age 14, Anna began skipping school more frequently due to back pain. She was unable to lift anything heavy or play any sports. Knowing her family had a history of spine problems, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Shay Bess, a spine surgeon with the Denver International Spine Center (DISC) at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, who immediately recommended surgery to fuse her 13 vertebrae. Anna excitedly recalls standing up after surgery and gaining a whole 4 inches in height. Because of this surgery, Anna is a whole new person filled with confidence. She plays two varsity sports, participates in speech and debate and has big ambitions for her college education.

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