Annie Adkisson

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Annie Adkisson dealt with the pain of scoliosis for years. Constantly pitched forward and leaning to the right, her condition and the pain associated with it, progressed to the point of being unbearable which prompted her to take action. She called her trusted ophthalmologist of 30 years at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, Dr. Carl Hanson, who referred Annie to Dr. Shay Bess, a spine surgeon also located at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. In September 2014, Annie met with Dr. Bess and was immediately impressed. Instead of quickly recommending surgery, Dr. Bess listened to her concerns and recommended non-surgical options including an epidural injection. In a follow up visit with Dr. Bess just ten days post injection, Annie was ready to make a move to greatly impact her health and opted for surgery. Now pain-free and standing tall, she cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bess and his team.

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