Beth Bouchard

bess , disc , pslmc , spine


Beth Bouchard began to experience severe pain in her leg which she assumed was associated with prior medical conditions. One day, at her son’s doctor appointment, she relayed her symptoms to his physician with hopes she would point her in a direction and she referred her to Dr. Shay Bess, spine surgeon at Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. She got right in to see Dr. Bess and was impressed with how detailed he was to collect her history and medical information. Dr. Bess recommended a conservative approach first to manage the pain. When that wasn’t effective, he recommended a MRI which revealed that Beth’s lower back (L4, L5, and S1) was completely desiccated and surgery was her best option. To calm Beth’s nerves, Dr. Bess and his team were thorough to explain the procedure and recovery in addition to answering all of Beth’s questions. Almost one year post surgery, Beth is doing great and thrilled to say that Dr. Bess “gave me my life back.”