Chris Cotton

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What was originally thought to be a common, benign tumor turned out to be something that is diagnosed in only 1% of all cancer patients. Chris Cotton, a social worker in Weld County, was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma on June 3rd after having his fatty tumor on his thigh biopsied. These types of tumors are deceiving because they do not inhibit the person’s physical abilities and they cause virtually no pain. However, in rare cases, these tumors can be cancerous and potentially fatal.

After his diagnosis, Chris was told that he would need the tumor removed. After having a majority of the tumor surgically removed, Chris was later referred to Dr. Ronald Hugate, an orthopedic surgeon at The Denver Clinic at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center who specializes in dealing with this rare type of cancer. Dr. Hugate extended the margins around Chris’ tumor to preserve the healthy tissue from becoming potentially cancerous. After Chris’ second procedure, he has a positive outlook on his condition.

Chris encourages everyone to be aware of these types of tumors and to get them checked out, even if they don’t appear to cause any problems. July is Sarcoma Awareness month, and Chris shows that awareness is the most powerful tool to keep dangerous cancers like sarcoma from causing fatal harm.