Dean Story

In the past few years, Dean Story experienced shoulder pain that was affecting his life. After getting it checked out, he learned that not only was the cartilage gone but there was also a mass. Pathology reports indicated that it was a chondrosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that needed to be removed. Dr. Daniel Lerman, Orthopedic Oncologist at the Institute for Limb Preservation, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center was onboard to remove the tumor. He reached out to Dr. Kareem Sobky, orthopedic surgeon with OrthoONE at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s to save and reconstruct the shoulder. Dr. Lerman states, “Having a chondrosarcoma in the scapula that you can resect and reconstruct with an implant is very rare, case recordable.” Surgery took 7.5 hours. Dean is doing well post-surgery, thankful to the team that saved his arm and happy to spend time with his loved ones.