Denise Lyons

cancer , liu , neuroendocrine , psl


Towards the end of 2011, Denise Lyons had a cough that did not seem to be getting better. Thinking she had pneumonia, she went in for tests and her X-ray revealed something much larger- tumors in her lungs. She underwent surgery to have the tumors removed and went to a lung specialist in St. Louis which worked for a bit until her tumors spread to her liver. At this point, she decided to come to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL) to see neuroendocrine surgeon, Dr. Eric Liu. Denise found Dr. Liu to be very encouraging and terrific at answering her questions. Dr. Liu and his team removed multiple tumors from her liver while treating and destroying many others. Now Denise is able to get back to living life with the cancer, thanks to the team here at P/SL.

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