Gary King

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When the pain in Gary King's left knee became an issue, he made an appointment to see Dr. Ron Hugate at Colorado Limb Consultants (CLC), who had performed a joint replacement on his right knee several years prior. Gary was referred to another physician at CLC, Dr. Ian Dickey, one of the first physicians in the region to use 3-D joint replacement technology.

Due to his deteriorated knee joint, Gary's left leg angled inward causing his ankle to roll inward as well. Dr. Dickey believed the new technology of a custom 3-D knee replacement would help realign Gary's leg and get him back to walking normally - and he was right.

Three weeks after surgery, Gary is walking on a straight leg again and highly recommends Dr. Ian Dickey and the entire CLC team to anyone needing complex orthopedic care.

Learn more about 3-D joint replacement technology, Dr. Ian Dickey and Colorado Limb Consultants at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center