Herbert Hallman

psl , robotics


Herbert Hallman is a vigorous 82-year-old former automobile dealer who had no experience with major  surgery since a pre-teen tonsillectomy. Surgical procedures have changed quite a bit since then and Mr. Hallman wasn't quite sure what to expect when Dr. Tony Canfield performed robotic surgery in late May to repair one visible and two internal hernias.

“I really didn’t have much to compare it with,” he said. “But I can tell you that my recovery was quite short. Dr. Canfield told me there would be less pain and my recovery would be shorter, and I am inclined to believe it was.”

Dr. Canfield repaired the hernias by making small incisions and inserting a robotic instrument that he manipulated to do the delicate repair work. “Even though I consider it routine, I want to make it clear that, so far, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I don’t know Dr. Canfield well but from what I’ve seen, he really knows his stuff,” Mr. Hallman said.

He had an excellent experience with Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, as well. “Both the pre-op and recovery room staff could not have been more solicitous. Honestly there were exceptional, professional yet caring. P/SL can be rightfully proud of these people,” Hallman said.