Kelli Laird-Ore

cancer , psl


In July 2014, Kelly Laird-Ore developed an arterial blood clot, causing her to seek medical care. It was during that visit that she discovered that she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and would require more complex care and equipment than the facility she arrived at could handle so she was transferred by ambulance to Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, an affiliate of the Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network, at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s where she was treated by Dr. Richard Nash and team.

She found out she desperately needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. Without the transplant, she had a 10% chance of living. With the transplant, she had a 60%-70% chance. Thanks to a donor, Kelly underwent an allogenic (unrelated donor) transplant procedure and spent 30 days in the ICU recovering. Due to her leukemia and an arterial clot, Kelly was only receiving 10% blood flow to her lower extremity, requiring one of her legs to be amputated by Dr. Alan Synn at Vascular Institute of the Rockies. Although she was in the hospital another 60 days recovering and learning how to walk again, she simply cannot say enough amazing things about the CBCI staff. She states, “The staff encouraged me daily, telling me I could beat this disease.” She is also thankful to the donor who saved her life and encourages others to sign up to be a donor as well.

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