Mary Catherine Nederostek

psl , spine


When Mary Catherine Nederostek began having pain in her upper spine, she went to see her primary care physician and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After several years, her spine had degenerated to the point that her chin was touching her chest and she was in constant pain. She was then advised to see an orthopedic specialist. Mary Catherine did her research and made an appointment with spine surgeon Dr. Timothy Kuklo in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Kuklo diagnosed Mary Catherine with kyphosis, a disease which causes an exaggerated rounding of the back. During the surgery, Dr. Kuklo placed two rods in her back to straighten her spine. When Mary Catherine was allowed out of bed after surgery, she looked in the mirror and saw herself standing straight for the first time in 10 years! She calls Dr. Kuklo her "miracle worker" and couldn't be happier with the care she received.

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