Mary S.

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The Vacation Was Cut Short, But the Surgery Had a Happy Ending

A quick trip home and surgery is probably not the preferred way to end a foreign vacation, but on a Tuesday night last February, Mary S. found herself in intense pain with symptoms that pointed to a gallbladder problem. An ultrasound at the local hospital confirmed the diagnosis and a phone conference with Dr. Anthony Canfield persuaded her to return to Denver immediately. She was in surgery two days later.

“The decision was made rapidly because if it was a gallstone, the gallbladder is more at risk. It can be dangerous because you can get sepsis,” Mary said.

Dr. Canfield chose to remove Mary’s gallbladder robotically. Thinking about it six months later, Mary is happy with that decision. “I don’t think I was in surgery for more than two hours. It was one small incision in my bellybutton and one night in the hospital,” she said. “The P/SL nursing staff was excellent and all the people in surgery were awesome. Even the discharge procedure was very efficient.” 

Her recovery was rapid. “I would say I only had two or three days of post-surgical discomfort. It wasn’t severe pain, either. I just wasn’t myself.” Although Dr. Canfield offered her a prescription pain reliever, she decided she would be fine with over-the-counter pain relievers. “I began to feel very good within five days…I couldn’t really tell I had surgery and I was pressing Dr. Canfield to let me get back to my regular workout routine of Pilates and TRX.”  He suggested she wait a couple of weeks before she did any abdominal exercises and after a two-week recovery Mary was cleared for her normal activities.

 “I had never had robotic surgery before and I was surprised at how quickly I recovered. It seems like I made a good choice. I just had a real quick recovery,” she said.