Miki Reddy

chung , psl , spine


Miki Reddy has always been active from hiking and being outdoors to Palangoi classes, one of her favorite pastimes. When she started experiencing neck pain, she assumed she was just getting older and that nothing was wrong until she met with Dr. Woosik Chung, a spine surgeon at the Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, who determined her neck pain and radiating arm symptoms were a result of degenerative discs.

If Miki did nothing to correct her condition, she ran the risk of being wheelchair bound for life if she ever took a fall. Dr. Chung performed surgery to remove the bone spurs and herniated discs in order to restore the height and architecture of the cervical spine. He also performed a neck fusion. Miki is incredibly grateful to Dr. Chung and the multidisciplinary team at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s for being kind, considerate and prepping so her mind was always at ease.

To learn more about Dr. Woosik Chung or The Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, please visit https://pslmc.com/campaigns/spine-center