Mina Cohen

pslmc , robotics


After Denver resident Mina Cohen started experiencing severe cramping and indescribable pain, she decided it was time to seek medical help. A friend recommended Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim of Consultants in Obstetrics & Gynecology, who determined that Mina had a large fibroid and needed to have surgery. She was given the options of removal— which would likely lead to further surgery in the future— or a hysterectomy. Mina decided to proceed with the hysterectomy, as it was a more permanent solution to her ongoing fibroid growth issue. Dr. Guggenheim recommended that the procedure be done robotically, to reap benefits of higher precision, less invasive incisions, and quicker recovery. This was indeed the case, as Mina reports to have had a speedy recovery and minimal scarring. Mina had a wonderful experience with the staff of Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and highly recommends Dr. Guggenheim to anyone seeking gynecological care.

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